Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Future

After much consideration, I feel much calmer thinking about the future now.

I still would like to major in Pharmaceuticals/Polymer Science but the first chance I got to work with helping third world countries children will be me living my dream career.

Of course, I don't expect it'll be an all too fabulous job with a fat paycheck but I live by the motto that touching one's life is life greatest achievement.

Now, I could only see and feel fragments of the suffering they are really feeling from lack of food, health facilities, education and financial aid. Children in Africa, Palestine, India and such, they lack the proper care that I fully intend to give. With my major, I plan to do many research to help them improve their living conditions other than setting up 'child improvement program' that focuses on going all out to maximize the potential these children have. Not forgetting the women folk as well.

Originally, everyone was born equals, they are of no exception. The only difference now is that we were lucky to be born not of the same shoes they were born and fit into.

I hope that one day I do get to do this. I know it seems like all talk and no work :(

But patience and hard work pays off. Allah's offering (rezeki) is for everyone, just not at the time we might have want it.

So, Insyaallah, I will live this dream to fulfill the dreams of those children :)

Nothing is impossible.