Saturday, April 13, 2013

Burning the Midnight Oil... and Maggie!

Awesome, tired, productive night :)

Without realizing it, it was already a little after two and tired from all the vigorous studying, spent the next half an hour cooking maggie in a rice cooker- rice cooker credit to Paan :P

Maggie sure can bring friends closer :D,
Especially those with an empty stomach.

Syukor's the talented soon-to-be-mathematics-major chef

Irfan's the next pharmacist/doctor who 'helpfully oversee' our cooking skills

Choo is the sweet and considerate not-too-long-from-now dentist.

Shark's the generous future psychologist.

And me? I'm just the girl who has big dreams of changing people's lives and has way too many maggie in her stock!

Thanks for the awesome night.